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Connecting with Current Families

We invite you to connect with some of our current families here at St. Bart's.  

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The Rodgers Family

Nathan, our two boys, and I moved to Minnesota in the summer of 2013.  We didn't know anyone here, had no family here, and were searching for a place for our children that would feel like "home". Our oldest son, Gabriel (now 12), started at St. Bart's in 1st grade.  The community soon became our family and we can honestly not imagine our lives without ever having set foot in this wonderful church and school.  Christian (now 8) started at St. Bart's in kindergarten and is now a second grader.  We have loved our journey through St. Bart's and the family that we have made because of it.  

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The Folkertsma Family

Hello! We’re the Folkertsma family.  Mark, Rachel and our two girls moved to Minnesota 4 years ago.  Ava’s in 3rd grade and Emma in 1st grade. Moving to Minnesota, we knew nobody, all our family lives in Arizona and Michigan. St Bart’s immediately became our family and made us feel at home.  Having our daughters attend St Bart’s is one of the best decisions we’ve made. St Bart’s provides our daughters with a strong education, the teachers and staff genuinely care for their well being. The spiritual aspect of our school is important to us as a family.  Volunteering at the school has been a great way to help out but also keeps us connected to this community.

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The Houghton Family

We are the Houghton family—Kate and Joe with our four boys: Charlie, 12, Joey, 10, Will, 7, and Tommy, 5, and our dog, Moxie.

We have lived in Wayzata for 9 years and started with St. Bart’s when our oldest was 3.  Our favorite aspect of St. Bart’s is the community. We have made life-long friends through the school and parish and feel a sense of belonging that can only be described as home. Our oldest is leaving St. Bart’s next year for Benilde-St. Margaret as our youngest begins in Kindergarten!

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The Weber Family

Hello! We are the Weber family: Nick, Jill, Cecilia & Adelaide - plus our handsome golden retriever Sully (not pictured but often seen riding co-pilot in the car line).   Our daughters Ceci & Addie joined St. Bart’s during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, so our introduction to the school and community was definitely unusual. While our interactions were socially distanced since the start, masks and physical spacing were no match for the genuine teachers and staff and warm community atmosphere. Joining a new school is never easy, but St. Bart’s inclusive atmosphere made our family feel right at home. They ensured that the girls didn’t skip a beat and immediately had them leading petitions in mass, playing instruments in the band, raking lawns for church neighbors and watching caterpillars hatch. And while the usual social events were put on hiatus with the pandemic, the incredible teachers and staff made sure that we stayed informed and connected on our girls’ progress. I don’t know how they did it. If I didn’t know any better, I would think our children are the only kids in attendance at St. Bart's!

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The Dittrich Family

We are the Dittrich's and our boys are in 3rd and 5th grades at St. Bart's. We love having our boys at St. Bart's because we are part of a tight knit community. The families, teachers, and staff are like an extended family. The environment where everyone knows one another is a great place to learn and our boys thrive in it. They come home every day with stories about what they learned and who they got to explore with. Hands on learning and challenging the kids to figure things out are daily occurrences. As parents we also enjoy volunteering for school activities, field trips, and attending Mass which enhances that feeling of family. 

Click HERE to connect with Liz

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