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Curriculum Specials


In grades 1-3, we spend time on art production through line, shape, color, etc. The focus is on elements and principles of design. Classroom time is one hour each week.


In grades 4-6, art is focused on art production centered curriculum. We spend two months in each of the following areas:


  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Print Making

  • Ceramics



We spend one month on sculpture.  An important aspect of art class is supporting students as they learn how to articulately describe their work and build confidence in verbally expressing their art. Our art teacher focuses on this throughout all grade levels.


Each spring we host an Art Show where every student has six to twelve pieces of art on display.  Art Enrichment is another program we use with grades K-6. Each year a different period of art is brought to life by trained parent volunteers.  Students learn about the history, famous artists from the period, and of course, how to experiement themselves with creating the artist's style while incorporating their own personal flair.


The primary goal of music education at St. Bart's is to develop an artistic experience for each child while developing skills according to the nine Standards for music education.


Our music curriculum is based on several learning areas:


  • Listening

  • Moving

  • Speaking

  • Singing

  • Playing

  • Improvising

  • Notating music


Students in all grades participate in activities and are assessed in both rhythm and pitch. Music meets twice a week for each grade level K-6. Music is incorporated into other areas such as classroom programs and activities, computer technology, prayer services, and Mass. Students have the opportunity to lead as cantors, instrumentalists, and in the choir for school liturgies.


All students take part in an all-school Christmas program each December.  Band is offered to students in grades 4 - 6.  Students in grades 3 - 4 learn recorders, grades 5 - 6 learn ukueles and perform in a musical in the spring.  All students have opportunities to learn and/or perform chimes in liturgies and/or concerts.


At St. Bart's, we feel strongly that learning through music leads to strong character growth and can lead to a deeper love of learning.



Language and communication are the heart of all human experiences. The goal of our Spanish education program is for students to learn the ability to express themselves in the Spanish language (listening, reading, writing and speaking) and to develop an awareness of the Spanish-speaking cultures. Our Spanish program at is based on the Standards for Foreign Language Learning and is built on the 5 C Standards for Learning Spanish:


  • Communication

  • Cultures

  • Connections

  • Comparisons

  • Communities


Goal 1 - Communication: To communicate in Spanish

Goal 2 - Cultures: To Gain Knowledge and Understanding of the Cultures of the World

Goal 3 - Connections: To Connect with Other Disciplines and Acquire Information

Goal 4 - Comparison: To Develop Insight into the Nature of Language and Culture

Goal 5 Communities: To Participate in Communities at Home and Around the World


To foster the 5 C's, St. Bartholomew partners with Futura Language Professionals, a community-based Spanish school. Futura's unique Building Block Method of Learning incorporates instruction modeling normal language acquisition. Conversation is the primary focus with grammar introduced over time. Futura's curriculum teaches culture along with the language with its primary goal to create lifelong language learners.

Physical Education

Children in grades K-3 experience Physical Education two days per week for 30 minutes each class period. The classes typically consist of a warm-up, main activity and a cool down. Besides exercise, fun and safety, the students also learn and experience locomotor movements, cooperative, social and health skills and some team sports participation. Students are also assessed in the fall and spring on presidential fitness test skills. In February, they take part in a Health Fair exhibit, and in May, we conclude the year with "Field Day." Hula hoops, rope jumping, volleyball, parachute, and tag games are just some of the activities we have fun with throughout the school year.


The Physical Education experience for children in grades 4-6 occurs twice a week for 45 minute class periods. The students will typically begin class with a warm-up activity and/or stretch, followed usually by a fitness focus activity or skills period and concluding often with a team sport and then a cool down. The students continue to experience locomotor movements, cooperative activities, social and health skills and many different team sports units including, soccer, football, volleyball, gymnastics, basketball, floor hockey, team handball, lacrosse, softball/baseball, ultimate frisbee and many more. Lastly, students complete fitness tests in the fall and spring, while enhancing their aerobic and anaerobic activity between testing times.  Grades 4-6 also take part in a Health Fair in February and "Field Day" in May.

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