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At St. Bart's, we believe in forming character and moral values
as well as academic excellence.  When accomplishment and success are formed by faith, purpose and character the benefits are priceless. We encourage students to build confidence through faith by teaching the practices of spirituality and religion.  

Incorporating Faith
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Dedicated to spiritual growth of each student by providing a school experience immersed in Catholic values, St. Bart’s develops students’ faith as they work toward academic excellence.  Catholic values and traditions integrate with student learning and activities.  Parents and parishioners participate in students’ spiritual development, providing intergenerational support by modeling faith-based values.

At School

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In Our Community

St. Bart’s serves our community!  Family and friends join us at weekly Children’s Mass.  Parishioners and neighbors see us performing service projects in our community.  St. Bart’s loves service!  It’s just one way we ‘Live the Gospel Message’ throughout our school year.

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For Ourselves

Our Preschool through Sixth Grade students are offered ample opportunities to practice their faith.  Participating in weekly Children’s Masses as lectors and cantors, performing service projects, and mentoring younger students are ways ‘Bulldogs’ live the Gospel message.

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