Tuition Rates Kindergarten to Grade 6

School Year Tuition


Numbers based on 7:00 to 6:00pm school day with before and after school care needed every day.

Before & After School Care



Full Time Summer Program




We believe that anyone with a desire for a Catholic education should be able to receive it,

regardless of their financial situation.


For this reason, we offer scholarships through our tuition management system, TADS.

How Does St. Bart's Compare to Public School Cost?

Multi-Student Discount

Registration Fee:

$150 per student (Maximum $300 per family)


* In order to accurately forecast enrollment for future school years, registration fees are not refundable.

At St. Bart's we use an online billing system called TADS.  


Tuition and other charges such as lunches, field trips, and clubhouse are applied to your TADS account and billed electronically.   You can choose to pay tuition in the following installments: 1 payment (July), 2 payments (July & January), 4 payments (July, September, January & March), Monthly payments (over 12 months)