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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are the school hours?

A:     8:15 a.m. School Doors Open

         8:25 a.m. Classrooms open                        

         8:40 a.m. Classes begin                      

         3:30 p.m. K-6th school day ends                                     


Q:  Is before and after-school care available?

A:  Yes. Our extended day program is called "Clubhouse" in partnership with the YMCA!  

      Hours: 6:30 - school start & school end - 6:00 p.m.  

      Cost:  See Here for Rates


Q:  Is bus service available?

A:  Yes. Beginning in Kindergarten - Grade 6 residing in the Wayzata School District #284 may use this service.  


Q:  Do students attend Mass?

A:  Yes. Beginning in Kindergarten, students attend Mass every week.  Holy days are also observed.


Q:  Do students wear uniforms?

A:  Yes. Students in Kindergarten - Grade 6 wear uniforms.  Please review the Uniform Policy for details.  Uniforms can be purchased through Educational Outfitters, Lands' End, or through our Used Uniform Program.


Q:  What extracurricular activities are available?

A:  Band, Boys & Girls Basketball, and Girls Volleyball.  Summer activities are also offered and vary from year to year.  For more information, Click Here


Q:  How do we learn about everything our first year?

A:  We are happy to pair you with a host family who will be your guide and provide answers about everything from uniforms to fundraisers to classroom activities.  School staff is also available to answer your questions.  Just let us know!  


Q:  Can parents volunteer?

A:  Yes! Numerous volunteer opportunities exist for the classroom, lunch room, playground, field trips, fundraisers, community events and more.  We strongly encourage families to volunteer often!  For more information on volunteering, Click Here.


Q:  What type of school communication should we expect?

A:  Weekly, you will receive an email with our newsletter, "The Bulldog Bugle." The school office sends emails and texts on a regular basis. Teachers periodically send newsletters and memos with classroom updates and activity information. The school website and Facebook and Instagram pages also provide reminders and updates.  

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