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Distance Learning Plan

Current Distance Learning Plan

Families choosing “Distance Learning” will commit to this option through October 13, 2020

Updated on August 11, 2020

Message from Mr. Fox

This page describes aspects of St. Bart’s “distance learning” option for families choosing that option for their child or children.


For planning purposes, families choosing “distance learning” will commit to that option through October 13, 2020.  This a five-week commitment will allow teachers to establish effective and consistent instruction under in-person and eLearning classroom environments.


We appreciate that this five-week period may require a change from “in-person” to eLearning for some students based on personal circumstances.  We will also plan for interruptions to ‘in-person learning caused by the need for one or more individual classrooms, or an entire school, closure as a result of COVID-19 circumstances.

Distance learning information on this page is based on current information. Adjustments may be necessary based on the number of students utilizing either option.  Adjustments may also result as we continue to improve our use of technology resources to create effective distance learning experiences.


As always, we appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we move into this new school year.



Patrick Fox


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