Distance Learning Plan

Current Distance Learning Plan

Families choosing “Distance Learning” will commit to this option through October 13, 2020

Updated on August 11, 2020

Message from Mr. Fox

This page describes aspects of St. Bart’s “distance learning” option for families choosing that option for their child or children.


For planning purposes, families choosing “distance learning” will commit to that option through October 13, 2020.  This a five-week commitment will allow teachers to establish effective and consistent instruction under in-person and eLearning classroom environments.


We appreciate that this five-week period may require a change from “in-person” to eLearning for some students based on personal circumstances.  We will also plan for interruptions to ‘in-person learning caused by the need for one or more individual classrooms, or an entire school, closure as a result of COVID-19 circumstances.

Distance learning information on this page is based on current information. Adjustments may be necessary based on the number of students utilizing either option.  Adjustments may also result as we continue to improve our use of technology resources to create effective distance learning experiences.


As always, we appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we move into this new school year.



Patrick Fox


Distance Learning Outline

School Schedule ~ Attendance ~ Uniforms ~ Mass

Distance learning students will follow the same school day schedule as “in-person” students. Daily attendance will be recorded for all students, whether in-person or distance learning. “Specials” (Art ~ Music ~ Library ~ Spanish) will be “live” instruction. Physical Education presents more of a challenge to offer ‘live’. We are reviewing options and alternatives at this time. Recess and lunch times will be ‘on your own’ as families determine. Uniforms are to be worn by all students every school day! (First Fridays will remain “Spiritwear Days”) We want all BULLDOGS to be part of this great St. Bart’s School Team! We are working to live stream Children’s Mass for distance learners and families. A sample daily school schedule is attached for your reference. The sample offers an idea of the schedule our distance learning students may experience.

Technology Platforms

St. Bart’s will utilize video conferencing software (GoGuardian) as our platform for livestreaming to our distance learners. This software will allow students to log-in, then click on a pop-up screen showing their teacher’s invitation to join the classroom via video. Additional log-ins and passwords not needed. Upper grades will utilize Google Classroom for assignment tracking. Other online learning platforms (IXL, Flipgrid, etc) may continue to be used. We are working to determine the most effective methods for teachers to broadcast their classroom outdoors as often as weather and the curriculum feasibly allows.

Social Emotional Learning

We continue to refine methods and strategies to maintain appropriate relationships across students, classmates, and the staff, whether in-person or through distance learning. Initial plans under consideration:

  • Before the start of the school year:
  • Classroom Zoom meetings for teachers and students to get to know each other.
  • “Morning Meeting” time to start the day - as we have for 3 years - to engage students in greetings, sharing, and group discussions.
  • Small-group breakout sessions combining distance learners with classmates at school.
  • Daily 1:1 teacher time for distance learners.
  • Weather and family permitting; bag lunch outdoors including distance learners.

Possible Enhancements

The feasibility of the following are under review:

  • Additional resource staff to provide support to distance learning students (individual and small group).
  • Record classroom lessons for students not feeling well or unable to participate during class time.
  • Scheduled school materials exchanges

Distance Learning Flexibility

Distance Learning will remain flexible for the scenarios such as:

  • “In-person” students who may need to be home for periods of time
  • Single classroom or grade level closures
  • If an all school closure occurs, daily schedules remain in place. Video conference model would continue for live instruction.