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St. Bart's School eLearning Resources

St. Bart's has many resources to help students, parents, and staff navigate our eLearning school environment.  This page contains information regarding school communication, tech support, counseling services, faith resources and additional resources. 


We will monitor and review relevant information provided by governmental agencies and will continue to keep our St. Bart's School Community informed as updates become available. 


Please help by contacting us with any questions or concerns.  As always, we will keep each other in our prayers of support.


  • Email and text will be the primary method in which we communicate with parents.

  • Morning Bulldog News Network (BNN) will be posted online daily at 8:55am and can be found here 

  • Teachers will communicate with students through a variety of tools such as Flipgrid, Google Classroom, Google Docs and Zoom Video Calls

  • Daily Checklists/Assignments will be sent to parents and students through the various channels above.

  • Below are instructions on accessing Google Docs, Zoom Video chats on Chromebooks and Fliggrid log-in.

  • If a student is unable to do online assignments during eLearning, please communicate with your teacher

  • For any concerns or questions, please reach out to Mr. Fox


Tech Support

  • If you experience difficulties with eLearning tools, please fill out THIS FORM and we will address your issue as soon as possible.

Counseling Services

  • Our school counselor, Megan Moseley will be posting weekly lessons and activities for students on her website.  Click here to access

  • Ms. Moseley will also be available to set up virtual appointments at the site above

  • For additional support from Dr. Jules Nolan, please email.

Faith Resources

  • Watch BNN for the morning Gospel here

  • Take 3 minutes daily for a three minute retreat here

  • Attend Mass each weekend with Father Mike and St. Bart's here

Additional Resources

  • Mindfulness for students here

  • Wellness Newsletter here

  • Music Page here

  • PhyEd Page here

  • Band Page here

Instructions for eLearning Sites

  • Flipgrid

  • Google Doc

  • Zoom

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