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Music @ St. Barts

Musical May 2020 

This Calendar gives you one song to listen to each day for

the whole month of May.  Ask your family to join in!

Each box is a link. Click to listen......

Musical May 2020.jpeg

Hello everyone and welcome to my St. Bart’s Music Website page!


I have something new and exciting to share with you, Quaver’s World.

Quaver's World is a virtual world of music exploration and fun, accessible at home.  Through Quaver, I am able to make lessons for each class and assign it to each student!  Quaver’s World has student interactives and creatives centered around music and musical instruments.  Please explore the website.  Let me know if you find anything I should recommend.  Quaver assignments have an assigned date and a due date. Try to get the assigned lessons due in a timely manner.


Besides Quaver I might also assign additional things such as a video to view or a MP3.  Those items can be found on each Grade Level Music Page - click below!

New Quaver Interactive Music Site

Click for Grade Level Music Lessons

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